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How to Organize Your Cabinets With Ease

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Nomad Caravans


Whether you live in your Travel Trailer full-time or just take it on the road for short trips, having an organized and clutter-free space is necessary. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite ways to keep your space organized, and your drawers uncluttered, and safe for travel!


Adding a liner to your cabinets will ensure that your items are protected from sliding around and breaking when you are in motion! Liners come in different densities and colors! Make sure to get a medium-heavy cushion. These liners come in long rolls and are super easy to cut and fit your drawer specifications.


Drawer dividers and organizers are a great way to keep all of your items snug in place and easy to find. These dividers come in all different types of materials; wood, plastic, and cloth. They are also adjustable to fit your drawer perimeters! We recommend using these helpful dividers anywhere you are storing items that are bulky, breakable, or even in your clothes drawers.

A special shout out to Caraway lids and pans + the corresponding organizers! Why we love them, the pan racks are magnetic (a big plus for a moving home) and the fabric lid organizer is low profile and hangs snugly on a cabinet door.


Plastic bins or woven baskets are a necessity when living in a roaming home! Storing away your cleaning supplies in a plastic bin not only helps keep your space clutter-free but if something were to spill or knock over, the mess will be contained and easy to clean up. If you have a pantry space in your Airstream, packing away your goods into a basket is a great way to contain things like mason jars and keep all your goods in place.


We get it, glass can be a controversial topic for traveling homes. In our experience, glass was never an issue and we loved to clear out our bulky food boxes and organize our treats into labeled mason jars with screw-on caps. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of glass, there are plenty of plastic products out there that can give you the same organization without worry.

P.S. Organizing your food into labeled jars can be an educational and fun task to do with the kiddos!

Our Favorite Picks (left-right) // Amazon: Wooden Mason Jar Lids(screws onto your mason jars) + Etsy: Pantry Labels + Mess Free: Stackable Spice Containers (with adhesive backs!)


If you are looking to store items that you may not have with you all seasons, collapsable containers are great to use when needed and store away when not!

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