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Reasons To Get a Travel Trailer

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

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With all the changes COVID has presented over the last two years, the way we work has to be at the top. People have tasted the freedom remote work offers, and are realizing that the opportunities to live life the way they want are completely feasible. What a world! You can stay on the grind and still see all the places you’ve had on your bucket list...could you imagine accomplishing your work tasks for the day with the Grand Canyon as your office view? This is work/life balance at its finest.

With over 423 national parks, 245 million acres of BLM land, and the Atlantic and Pacific oceans outlining our coasts. That is A LOT to see! Travel trailers are a perfect solution to ease your travel itinerary as you move from place to place. They minimize your transition time but cut out the time you have to pack and unpack the car. If you see a beautiful spot to have lunch, all you have to do is pull over and get cooking.


Traveling in a secondary ‘home’ for families is a perfect way to bring your kids on vacations with ease. When camping traditionally, you would have to pack up the cooler, tent, etc.. and when you get to camp you have to unpack and then pack again when you leave. All while watching the kiddos! That can be an overwhelming process, especially when you have little ones. With trailer camping, kids can be included during the planning stage of the trip and help get the trailer ready. When at your destination, the familiarity of your home on wheels is a safe and comfortable place for them to come back to after a long day of exploring.

We can't forget about our fur babies! We all have a scent to us and our pups pick up on that. Our dogs know your travel trailer is their "house" because it has our scent. The familiar scents help reduce travel anxiety for our dogs because they know the travel trailer is safe. Also, having some everyday items in the travel trailer can help, too. These items help remind them they’re safe and sound.

Designer Melanie Raver renovated her vintage travel trailer into a kid-friendly home on wheels.


When you decide to do a custom buildout you have the freedom to create an interior that intentionally functions great for the particulars of your life. YOU get to define what is essential for you to have on the road. Your travel trailer should feel like an extension of your home so that when you transition to a life on the road it feels seamless.

For example, you could go to an RV dealership and walk off the lot with a run-of-the-mill trailer. It’s probably nice, but not very you, is it? With a custom build or renovation like the ones we provide, you get to choose how your space functions, down to every last nook and cranny (hidden bedside storage, anyone?), as well as all the beautiful finishes like tile, paint colors, light fixtures, and textiles.


Airstream travel trailers perform for decades, but they are one of the most aerodynamically efficient travel trailers on the market. Buying an Airstream will reduce vacation costs while providing a comfortable and luxurious shelter for the road.

In addition to lowering travel costs, Airstreams and similar travel trailers can be updated to include solar and other boondocking capabilities. If you decide to upgrade your rig with these amenities, you have the option to camp where ever you see fit. Staying on BLM land would lower your cost of campsite stays, all while still getting you that good morning view!

An investment in an Airstream is a smart choice! Airstreams hold their value and are proven to have great resale statistics. We get it, who wouldn't want to own this beautiful travel trailer!


Travel trailers are great to travel with, that we know! Another use for these gems is investment properties. As our world changes and costs continue to build, homeowners are having to become more creative with how to balance out rising costs. As long as your neighborhood allows and you have the space, an investment into a travel trailer could mean passive(ish) income and a way to cover your property tax and more.

Whether you decide to rent out your space to an individual full-time or run your travel trailer as an Airbnb, these beautiful spaces offer all the amenities with the added bonus of the glamping experience on steroids.

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We are a creative two-part team that takes your run-of-the-mill travel trailer and turns it into a beautiful home on wheels. 


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