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Van vs. Airstream Life

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Nomad Caravans


With the explosion of the new adventure lifestyle and accessibility to remote work, countless people have made the jump into Van Life! Though we love van life and all it stands for, we find our hearts in the movement of vintage airstream remodels.

There are so many amazing remote living options out there, along with infinite ways one can create their home on wheels. From a van conversion to custom campers - how does one choose? A custom sprinter van seems to be the gold standard for many of us looking to step into this world, however, they can rival in price to many other more spacious and flexible options. Though a custom camper van has the perks of easy parking and the mobility to skirt along tight off-road trails or in a busy city - airstreams and other custom trailers provide a new look at what life on the road can be. We are going to outline three major takeaways about what airstream livin' has to offer!

Number One - Square Footage

One of the most apparent aspects of airstream livin' is the overall square-foot space gain. We'll keep it real - if you are newly transitioning from a more traditional living situation to tiny living, the downsize can be overwhelming at first! Whether you're a first-timer or full-timer, having more space can make all the difference and help bridge the gap between your old lifestyle and new. Also, (if you are planning on living with your loved ones) we all need space and time to recharge, and being able to close off a door to your bedroom is invaluable.

The extra space offers more room for livable space that vans just can't match. As much as this lifestyle lends itself to being outdoors with nature just a step away outside your door, having the extra space to work and cook dinner is a game-changer.

Number Two - Cost

Buying a van can be a costly investment. A top-of-the-line Sprinter Van could run you 70K or more. This could leave your funds low for the build itself. Vintage Airstreams or travel trailers can cost a quarter of the price, leaving room in your budget for a more custom build.

Long-term investment? Airstreams and travel trailers tend to hold their value. There is always maintenance with any rig, however, dealing with larger maintenance issues with the van itself as well as the depreciation of the van after the miles add up can cut into your overall investment.

Number Three - Single Vehicle

The other aspect that is challenging about van life is your home tends to also be your vehicle. Though they are much more mobile than an airstream, the quick trips to the grocery can still be a pain having to button down the hatches and secure everything whenever you want to go pick up groceries. With an airstream or other travel trailers, one can just detach and have their home parked at the camp spot, while freeing up the vehicle to run errands or explore in a lighter way.

In this ever-evolving world, things have changed drastically due to COVID. Many people are now searching for a different way to live a more free life and many of us now have the option to work wherever we want. This has opened up a new world for nomad living! On top of that, rent seems to keep rising and for some looking to buy their dream home (traditional home), their options are limited because of cost. This is where airstream livin' offers the third door. With an upscale high-end remodel, these spaces can be tailored to be home wherever you decide to land.

Ultimately there is no right or wrong way to step into any adventure. Whether you choose a camper van, RV, or airstream, hitting the road and chasing the horizon to set off into a new way of life is what it's all about. There are pros and cons to all choices but we are partial to airstreams for their look, functionality, and the possibilities they cover. Come join the Streamin' Life!

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